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Why does Alexa flash? What do the different colors on your Echo smart speakers mean?

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Alexa colored rings guide


Alexa uses status lights on all Amazon Echo speakers to communicate with you. There are many different colors that the AI can use to grab your attention.

The LED ring can be found on older speakers, such as the Echo Studio. The LED ring is displayed at the bottom of smart displays like the Echo Show 8 and Show 10 or newer designs such as the Echo Dot.

You may miss the subtle differences when you interact with Alexa. But every color has a meaning.

On the round speakers for example, the cyan lights actually point in your direction when speaking to the speaker, for example.

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You’ll want to know why your speaker is glistening green, yellow, or even – oh no! – purple or black. Alexa isn’t always the best at explaining what she means.

You can find out what Alexa’s ring lights and colors mean by reading on.

Amazon Echo Speaker No Light

Let’s begin with the basics. It’s ready to receive your commands if your Echo is working normally, but there are no lights. Maybe it’s not on. You can find out by asking Alexa.

Blue Light (Interactions)

When you turn on your Alexa speaker, a blue light with spinning cyan appears.

Alexa will not respond if the cyan light is on and still pointing at you. It will also occur when your Echo speaker starts normally. If it begins to flash blue, it means Alexa has responded to your request.


Why is Alexa flashing orange

Orange Light (Status)

The orange light will turn on if you place your Alexa in Wi-Fi pairing during setup. The Alexa speaker will turn orange when it connects to the Wi-Fi.

Red Light (Status)

Alexa will show a solid, red light if the privacy button at the top has been pressed. To unmute, press it again (marked by a microphone).

Why is Alexa flashing? What the colors on your Echo smart speaker mean

Problem: Red light that pulses

If your Echo smart speaker is pulsing a red light, it means that it cannot connect to the Internet. Your Wi-Fi or Amazon’s server could be out. Investigate immediately!

Yellow Light (Notification)

Don’t panic, if your Amazon Echo speaker starts to pulsate yellow. You’ve received a message.

Ask Alexa to play your messages or notifications. Find out what happened while you were gone.

Green light (notification)

If your Alexa speaker is pulsing, that means someone has called it. It could be an Alexa call or Drop-in. Just say “Alexa answer” to connect.

The green light will continue to spin during the call.

Purple Light (status).

You’ve activated Do Not Disturb if you see a light purple when you talk to Alexa. To return to normal, say “Alexa turn off do Not Disturb”.

If the light is purple and pulsing then you have a Wi-Fi problem. Connect the device back to Wi-Fi.

White light (Alexa Guard)

The Alexa device will be in the Away Mode if it is continuously spinning and Alexa guard is listening to any problems.

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