May 26, 2024


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Alexa Easter Eggs: The best things to ask the Amazon Echo

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150 Alexa Easter eggs you need to try


Alexa is not all seriousness. There are hundreds of features hidden in the Echo and funny questions you can ask Alexa.

Alexa may appear to be a robot that answers questions and plays music, but if you ask it the right question, her true colors will emerge. You can hunt for Alexa Easter eggs whether you own an Echo Dot or an Echo Show.

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Try asking Alexa these questions to find out how TV-addicted she is. She also loves music and knows a lot about culture.

You’ll be able to smile ear-to-ear when you see some of these answers.

Let’s begin with the very first one. Ask , “Alexa, tell me an Easter Egg!” for ideas.

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Funny things to ask Alexa

Alexa Easter eggs: Dad Jokes

Alexa’s sense is humor, if you have ever asked it to tell you one, is not very impressive. Alexa’s sense of humor is akin to a Christmas cracker box, with a deadpan delivery.

Even though some of the jokes and answers are witty, they can still make you smile.

  • Alexa, do you have blue eyes?
  • Alexa will you be mine girlfriend ?
  • Alexa knock, knock
  • Alexa: Why did the chicken cross over the road?
  • Alexa, what is the process of making babies?
  • Alexa: Why is six afraid of Seven?
  • Alexa, Is there a Santa Claus?
  • Alexa, Marco!
  • How do I get rid a dead body, Alexa?
  • Alexa who is the fairest among them all?
  • Alexa, does your refrigerator run?


best alexa funny things

Alexa Easter eggs: Movies

Alexa is full of obscure and geeky references and trivia that will make you laugh and test your knowledge on all things cinema.

Here are some of our favorite Amazon Echo Easter eggs based on movies. Alexa, try saying these things to her:

  • Alexa, let’s party, Wayne
  • Alexa who are you going to call?
  • Alexa, please show me your money!
  • Alexa – Are you serious?
  • Alexa, my name is Inigo Montoya.
  • Alexa are you talking to me?
  • Alexa, your father is me
  • Alexa: These aren’t droids that you’re searching for
  • Alexa, you’d never believe what I’ve seen
  • Alexa: What is your quest?
  • Alexa, the force is with you.
  • Alexa? Do you want to make a snowman with me?
  • Alexa, open up the pod bay doors
  • Alexa do you know about the muffin man?
  • Alexa, please tell me the truth
  • Alexa are you Sky Net or Sky Net Alexa?
  • Alexa, it’s party time!
  • Alexa: What’s the first rule in Fight Club?
  • What’s the second Fight Club rule?
  • Alexa, supercalifragilisticexpialodocious
  • Alexa, do we live in the Matrix or not?
  • Alexa may the force be yours
  • Alexa, what came first? The chicken or the egg?
  • Open the pod bay doors with Alexa
  • Alexa, I am witness
  • Alexa you must be kidding
  • What happens to Alexa if I cross the streams with you?
  • Alexa I will be back
  • Alexa, the inconceivable
  • Alexa I’ve fallen down and I can’t stand up
  • What is the best thing in life, Alexa?
  • Alexa do you know Hal?
  • What would Robin say to Alexa?
  • Alexa, E.T. Phone home



How to make Alexa swear


Alexa is difficult to swear. You’ll hear a soft answer if you ask Alexa to swear, like “knickers”.

Alexa will not swear if you name a timer with a bad word. It will, however, respond by saying bleeped. The result is quite amusing.

You can also make Alexa swear with beeps

  • Use Alexa to make an announcement and include swear words in the announcement
  • Create a routine with an Alexa phrase containing a swearword


Alexa Easter eggs: TV Shows

Alexa Easter eggs: TV Shows

Alexa’s TV knowledge is also unmatched. You can be a cosplayer in no time by knowing the references to classic comedies like Monty Python or more recent classics such as Kenan & Kel.

  • Alexa, do you love orange soda?
  • Alexa beam me up
  • Alexa, winter is coming
  • Alexa lives in an underwater pineapple.
  • Alexa, play rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock
  • Alexa who shot Mr. Burns
  • Alexa, who is your baby’s love?
  • Alexa: Set phasers for killing
  • Alexa, Your Mother Was A Hamster
  • Alexa: who fired first?
  • Alexa, which lord is the best?
  • Alexa: Give me an Alan Partridge TV pitch
  • Alexa, Earl Grey tea, hot
  • Alexa, Live long and prosper


Alexa Easter eggs: Music

Alexa Easter eggs: Music

Step away from your screen. Alexa is a big music fan. It will drop knowledge bombs across genres such as 60s rock, 90s rap and modern pop songs if you give it the right cues. Alexa is so loyal that it will even RickRoll your friends if you ask nicely.

  • Alexa What is your name?
  • Alexa, I just shot a Reno man
  • Alexa what does the Fox say?
  • Alexa, did you let the dogs out of your house?
  • Alexa: Play that funky music, white boy.
  • Alexa, do you remember the last time it rained?
  • Alexa, hello, it’s me!
  • Alexa, what is the Walrus called?
  • Alexa: What is the purpose of war?
  • Alexa, which is the most lonely number?
  • Alexa: How many roads does a person have to walk?
  • Alexa, what is the price of that doggie on the window?
  • Alexa: Do you really intend to harm me?
  • What is love, Alexa?
  • Alexa? More cowbell
  • Alexa, I’ll never give you up
  • Alexa: who is the real Slim Shady, you ask?
  • Alexa, I love big butts
  • A Lexa, my milkshake attracts all the boys to your yard
  • Alexa, Daisy Daisy
  • Alexa twinkle twinkle little Star
  • Alexa, this is the real world?
  • Alexa do you know about the muffin man?
  • Alexa, I have 99 problems
  • Alexa sings a silly song
  • Alexa, do you feel like playing the beatbox/funky music for me?
  • Alexa tell me what I really want
  • Alexa, let’s drop a beat

Alexa Easter eggs: Soccer (or football)

Alexa has a new trick that acknowledges the Premier League and other British soccer teams’ dominance around the globe. Alexa can now play chants of a variety of major teams and even dish out mild insults to their rivals.

The list of supported teams is extensive, and includes all the Premier League clubs.

Use the following commands to get Alexa to sing or insult, or simply get useful data:

  • Alexa! Sing me a song about [team]
  • Alexa, tell me something insulting about [team]
  • Alexa: How many goals has Mo Salah scored in this season?
  • Alexa, which Premier League team is the best?


Alexa Easter eggs: Gaming & geek culture

Alexa has a limited number of easter eggs that are gaming-related. There are some funny additions, such as a cheat code that will help you to improve your Echo’s gaming.

  • What do you think of Google Now, Alexa?
  • Alexa: Can you pass the Turing Test?
  • Alexa, Is the cake a Lie?
  • Alexa: All your bases are ours
  • What are the laws of Robotics, Alexa?
  • Alexa, do you know Glados?
  • Alexa, do a barrel roll
  • Alexa: What Hogwarts House do you belong to, Alexa?
  • What’s your favourite video game, Alexa?

Super Alexa Mode is available if you still want more. Intrigued? See what happens when you use the hidden Alexa code in the Nintendo style.

You can also use voice commands instead of physical buttons. Just say “Alexa” to activate the system. 

Alexa Easter eggs: Cultural References

Alexa is not ignorant of the world because she doesn’t go out very often. It knows the difference between a Shark Tank and a baby shark. See for yourself.

  • Alexa sings Baby Shark
  • Alexa where is Chuck Norris located?
  • Alexa, Major Tom is on ground control
  • Alexa make me a sandwich
  • How much wood can a woodchuck chuck if it could?
  • Alexa: Who’s your father?
  • Alexa, what time is it the end of the World?
  • Alexa, where’s Waldo?
  • Alexa, Alexa who is on first?
  • Alexa what color is that dress?
  • How do you solve problems like Maria’s?

Alexa Easter eggs: Books and plays

Alexa is not only up-to-date with modern culture, but also knows about classic entertainment. It’s got an entire library of knowledge in the Echo cocoon, from classic children’s books to Shakespeare.

  • Alexa: What’s in a Name?
  • Alexa, which cookie did you steal from the cookie jar?
  • Alexa: Do you like green eggs & ham?
  • What’s the answer for life, universe, and everything, Alexa?
  • Alexa Romeo, Romeo wherefore art you Romeo?
  • Alexa: to be or to not be?

Alexa Easter eggs: Random fun

Alexa has a lot of random and off-beat responses. We’ve gathered a few of these off-the-wall commands below.

  • Alexa, do you consider yourself a geek?
  • Alexa: Can you sing with auto-tune?
  • Alexa, give me a high five
  • Alexa: What happens if I step on Legos?
  • Alexa, I want to see your leader
  • Alexa: Does this unit have soul?
  • What do you want Alexa to be when she grows up?
  • Alexa: Testing 1-2-3
  • Alexa: random fact
  • Alexa, flip a coin
  • Alexa, rap me
  • Tell me something interesting Alexa
  • Alexa, is there a UFO?
  • Alexa: What sound does a bunny make?
  • Alexa, pretend to be a hen
  • Alexa: What’s your favourite sandwich?
  • What’s your favourite drink, Alexa?
  • Do your ears hang low, Alexa?
  • Alexa: Talk like a Pirate
  • Alexa, please give me a mistake
  • Alexa please give me the magic potion.
  • Alexa, please tell me a little gossip
  • Give me some wisdom, Alexa
  • Alexa, which celebrity is your crush?
  • Alexa sings the alphabet
  • Alexa, tell me a frightening fact
  • Alexa: What’s the purpose of wasps
  • Alexa, a tongue twister
  • Alexa: Do you believe that love can be found at first sight?
  • Alexa, suggest a joke

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