May 26, 2024


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Nanoleaf 4D promises multi-sensory, immersive TV lighting

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Nanoleaf 4D creates immersive TV lighting


Nanoleaf is a new player in the TV lighting market, having launched Nanoleaf 4D at CES 2023.

The Nanoleaf 4D is a smart LED lightstrip that mimics the colors in your favorite shows, movies, or games. It uses a camera mounted above or below the screen to determine the amount of light it should use.

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The Hue system uses an HDMI passthrough box for the analysis of a picture to display the appropriate lighting effects. It is not as intelligent as Hue’s Sync platform, but it’s still a cheaper alternative.

While you’ll get some cool lighting effects behind your television, they won’t be quite as’real’ as with and its Gradient Lighting Strip.

Nanoleaf 4D promises multi-sensory, immersive TV lighting

Nanoleaf’s 4D starts at just $99.99 (£89.99) – a price that is less than half of what it costs.

Nanoleaf promises some extras which put it above rivals like Govee, and on par with the Hue Sync Experience.

The name 4D comes from 4 mirror modes (from 1D – 4D). To get the full immersive experience, you can use your Nanoleaf LED lights.

Nanoleaf 4D promises multi-sensory, immersive TV lighting

Nanoleaf Rhythm Music Sync can be used in conjunction with the ‘Smart Remap Tech’ to mirror both your TV’s audio and visuals.

We were told at CES that the 4D was matter compatible, but that has not been confirmed yet. It can only act as a thread border router.

When we have more information, we’ll update the story.

Nanoleaf 4D Lightstrip can be attached to the back of a TV. It is also cut to fit.

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Pre-orders for the two sizes are open until 27 June. The first size is for screens of up to 65″ ($99.99/PS89.99), and the second for screens of up to 85″ ($129.99/PS119.99).

The box contains a gradient lightstrip, a camera with its mounting, a controller and a privacy cover.



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