May 26, 2024


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WiZ introduces four new intelligent lights that add color to walls, ceilings and more

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WiZ debuts four new smart lights

Signify’s budget division WiZ debuted new intelligent lights for walls, ceilings and lamps. These include the first color filament light and a flexible lighting strip.

These new arrivals are just a few short weeks after the company entered the home security market with its smart security camera. However, this latest range is in line with the usual products.

Full Color Filament Spiral is the most striking of the new collection. It comes in a globe-shaped G25 or Edison A19 bulb, as well as a tube-shaped ST19.

Each bulb is priced at $29.99/PS27.99, and comes with a standard E26 fitting. However, there are no E12 or E25 fittings available for some of WiZ’s white candelabra options.

The new Neon Flex Strip is a great solution for those who wish to decorate their walls.

WiZ delivers four new smart lights that bring color to walls and ceilings

The 3-meter strip can be bent and mounted into the shape shown above. It also allows the user to take advantage of gradient effects in the light to create a mood.

If your ceilings lack a little color, WiZ offers two new options for you to choose from.

There are two options to choose from: the SuperSlim Color Ceiling Luminaire is a circular fixture available in both black and white, and comes in two sizes. The Panel Ceiling can also be considered.

The panel light is available in three variations: two square styles and one rectangle. Prices start at PS64.99, and range up to PS119.99.

The new arrivals have added to an already busy year at WiZ.

It has also been used to test Signify’s Matter Update, which will begin in April , after its sibling Philips Hue announced their own delay.

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