May 26, 2024


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Zooz Z-Box Kits want you to forget the matter

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Zooz Z-Box goes live


It may seem strange to have a Z-Wave-only smart-home system by 2023, but this is exactly what the Zooz Z-Box kit has just launched.

The Zooz Z-Box, which was developed in collaboration with Z-Wave specialist Fibaro and is now available for $130 on its own, has been around for several months.

What is Z Wave?

The three Z-Wave kits announced make this a little more attractive.

Zooz believes that by focusing on specific use cases, the protocol restrictions will not, um, matter.

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The first is the Z-Box Security Kit. This kit includes a hub, two Zooz Z-Wave Plus open/close sensors XS, one Zooz Z-Wave Plus Motion sensor, and an 800 Series Z-Wave DC Signal Sensor, which can relay alarms sent by your analog dumb smoke and CO detectors.

It can be used locally and offline or connected to the cloud to expand functionality. It costs $169.95

The Z-Box Flood/Water Protection Kit, priced at $279.80, includes two Zooz Z-Wave Plus Titan Water Valve Actuators and one Zooz Z-Wave Plus Titan Water Leak Sensor.

The Z-Box Smart Garage Door Kit is a combination of a Zooz Z-Wave Plus XS Tilt/Shock Sensor and a Zooz Z-Wave Plus XS Multi-Relay that can automate three garage gates.

The Garage Kit is priced at $158.80.

With all these kits, you can add any number of Z-Wave products you want. And, thanks to the Fibaro connection, you have the option of synchronizing your Z-Wave system with Philips Hue and Sonos.

You can also use the Fibaro App to get your system to sing and dance with Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant.

It is mentioned in the documentation that “you can connect your Z-Box hub with other IoT system thanks to the local API documentation available directly from the WEB interface,” but let’s be honest, this will only appeal to super enthusiasts.

The Aoetec’s SmartThings Hub offers Z-Wave and Zigbee in the same package.

The kits are appealing if you want to fill a specific gap in your home.

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