May 26, 2024


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Philips Hue has unveiled its smallest color-smart bulb and two new ceiling light designs

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Philips Hue unveils smallest color bulb yet

Signify has launched its smallest smart light and a pair new panel lights. The Philips Hue range of smart lighting is growing.

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Hue’s E14 Luster Bulbs have been available for some time in white, but with this new release you can choose between the full-color or white ambiance versions.

E14 is not a popular size for smart home manufacturers, due to the popularity larger screw-ins. However, you can find E14 fittings on bedside lamps, small chandeliers or multi-heads floor lamps. Now they can also provide color.

Hue Aurelle ceiling lights and Surimu wall lights are also new.

Both ceiling fixtures come in a variety of shapes and sizes, similar to the smart light range recently launched by WiZ — Hue’s cheaper sibling.

Philips Hue unveils its smallest color smart bulb - and a new ceiling light

The Aurelle stands out for its black finish, as well as the fact that it is available in a variety of shapes. These include square, rectangular and round. Surimu, on the other hand, has a white frame and can emit color light. It is also available in a square or circular shape.

All the new lights will be available starting today. The Luster white light bulb starts at PS29.99, and goes up to PS54.99 in the color variant. Sirumu panel costs PS209.99, but jumps up to PS219.99 in the larger version. Aurelle starts at PS149.99.

App controls and automation for the Hue app

Hue has announced a few updates for those not interested in the new, and admittedly niche, arrivals.

Most notable is the brightness balancer, which allows users to keep a constant level of lighting in their entertainment setup.

This will eliminate the need for users to manually adjust brightness levels of different lights. This means that a light strip with only 270 lumens can now be matched with a lamp fitted with 900 lumens.

Hue motion sensor users will also benefit from a neat upgrade. The number of time slots that can be selected by the user has increased from two to ten. You can now set virtually any lighting condition based on time of day.

The official OTA rollout of these new features will not be announced until later in the year.


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