May 26, 2024


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Abode Security Kit, a new smart entry-level security system

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Abode Security Kit announced

Abode, a smart DIY security company, has launched a new system for entry level users: The Abode Security Kit. This is the most affordable system the company has ever offered.

The Abode security kit includes a hub, door/window sensors and a keyfob. It costs $159.99/PS198. The Abode Security Kit allows you to add as many devices or sensors as you want from Abode’s ever-expanding arsenal.

The new Security Kit, unlike the older and more expensive Aabode Essentials Gateway (2nd gen) and Iota-powered systems is powered by a Wi-Fi hub that doesn’t use Zigbee or Z-Wave . This saves users money.

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Security Hubs are not as flexible as their older siblings. However, they can still be used with Alexa and the Google Assistant to automate more complex routines. Unfortunately there is no HomeKit available this time.

Abode Security Kit 3 items you get

Abode offers native integration with Sonos, Bose, and an -updated Nest integration, which went live in the first week of this month.

It also comes with a built-in siren that emits 93dB if the alarm is triggered. The Security Hub communicates with Abode’s array of sensors using the brand’s proprietary RF technology.

Abode offers a wide range of security devices to enhance the Security Kit. These include different models of motion detectors (including one that has a built-in camera), doorbells and security cameras, as well as glass break sensors.

Abode is a free app that allows you to control and monitor your home. You can also add professional features such as mobile event alerts and intelligent tracking of people and pets.

Abode is selling the Abode Security kit for 159.99 / PS198. Early bird offers an additional $20 to US customers.

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