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Smart home devices that Matter the most

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Best Matter smart home devices

The new standard for smart homes, Matter, was launched officially at the end last year. 2023 will be a huge year.

Apple, Amazon and Google are all on board with Matter, a rare example of big tech companies working together for the common good.

Matter is a software suite that will allow for interoperability and brand-agnostic application layers.

It’s a platform, or in other words something you can understand better. This will allow all your home connected tech to work together – regardless of who made it and what smart-home ecosystem it is.

Matter makes it easy to set up your smart home. No more switching between apps or worrying about your family being split between iOS and Android.

Check out our guide to the Matter smart home for more information. If you are ready to get started, read on to learn what devices and tech you will need.

Google Matter controllers

What are the available Matter Controllers?

When Matter was announced, there were a lot more people excited about the promise of a smarter home without hubs, bridges or brand-specific controllers.

But that is not the case. You will still require a Matter Controller to be the brains behind the system.

The good news is, unlike a Hue Bridge, or Arlo’s SmartHub for example, your Matter Controller doesn’t have to be tied to any particular brand. It works with all Matter-certified products.

Android and iOS devices are also capable of acting as Matter controllers. However, you will need to have the latest version of software installed, as well as a Matter controller app compatible with Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, or Google Home.

Many of these Matter Controllers can also be used as Thread Border Routers. More on this in the next section.

This is the complete list of Matter controllers as of this writing.

  • Aeotec smartThings hub (*also thread border router)
  • Amazon Echo (second and third generation)
  • Amazon Echo (4th generation)
  • Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen+)
  • Amazon Echo Flex
  • Amazon Echo Input
  • Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Gen)
  • Amazon Echo Show 10, (3rd Gen)
  • Amazon Echo Show 5, (2nd Gen+)
  • Amazon Echo Show 8, All Gens
  • Amazon Echo Show 15.
  • Amazon Echo Studio (both Generations)
  • Apple Home App (iOS 16.1+).
  • Apple HomePod First-gen
  • Apple HomePod second-gen
  • Apple HomePod Mini
  • Apple TV 2022 128 (*also Thread Border Router) GB
  • Apple TV4K 202264GB
  • Apple TV4K 2021 (*also thread border router)
  • Google Home (1st Gen)
  • Google Home Mini (all-gens)
  • Google Nest Audio
  • Google Nest Hub (1st-gen)
  • Google Nest Hub (*also Thread Border router)
  • Google Nest Hub Max
  • Google Nest Mini
  • Google Nest (*also Thread Border Router)
  • Google Nest WiFi Pro
  • Home assistant
  • Nabu Casa Home Assistant Yellow
  • Samsung SmartThings App (Android)
  • Samsung SmartThings hub v2
  • Samsung SmartThings hub v3 (*also thread border router)

The best Matter smart home devices

What thread border routers are compatible with Matter?

Nest Hub Mini, HomePod Mini, and the new SmartThings hubs can also be used as thread border routers and matter controllers.

There are a few devices that can be used to strengthen your Matter Thread network.

Learn more about this smart home by reading our guide Thread In The Matter Smart Home.

The good news is you don’t need to buy anything new to set up your Thread network.

Existing devices can be updated to enable Thread border routers. There are a number of Thread border-routers that work with Matter, including:

  • Amazon Eero Beacon
  • Amazon Eero Pro
  • Amazon Eero 6
  • Amazon Eero Pro 6
  • Amazon Eero Pro 6E
  • Amazon Eero 6+,
  • Amazon Eero PoE 6
  • Nanoleaf Elements / Lines / Shapes controllers

Amazon hasn’t yet ‘lived’ Thread for Matter, even though Eero’s devices are listed above.

The announcement was made at CES 2023 that users of iOS devices who use Alexa to control their smart homes would receive Matter functionality in the spring. This support will also be extended to Matter via Thread.

matter over thread is now available on the 4th generation Echo.

The best Matter-certified smart home devices

After the launch of Matter 1.1 we have started to see devices from the eight launch categories: light bulbs, light switches, plugs and door locks, thermostats, HVAC controllers, shades and blinds, smart sensor and bridges. Smart TVs are also certified, as well as streaming devices.

Here are the top smart home devices from these launch categories. Brands are also breaking down how they are releasing their Matter updates.

The best Matter smart home devices

Philips Hue

Signify’s smart light plans for Matter have been delayed .

The only Hue product that is Matter-certified is the Hue Bridge. Bulb bulbs will not be able play a role unless they are connected to the Bridge.


Signify’s Wiz smart light brand is accelerating its efforts to integrate Matter. The company has updated all products manufactured after Q2 2021 via an over-the air (OTA) firmware upgrade.


eve matter devices



Eve has been the most successful launch of Matter so far.

It rolled out a Matter update over-the-air in December for three devices – Eve Energy, Eve Door & Window, and Eve Motion – and they became the very first devices to support the standard.

Eve’s Eve energy smart plug was available shortly after it made a promise at CES that it would deliver a Matter-enabled device before the end Q1.

Although support has been available since December via Eve’s Early Access Program, the device is the first to arrive with Matter automatically enabled.

Eve also confirmed that Matter would be coming to Eve Aqua, Flare Lamps and MotionBlinds.


Meross wants to promote its app as the ideal Matter controller. In terms of devices, it has launched the Meross Matter Smart Wi Fi Plug Mini (MSS115), a US-specific, 2-pack smart plug.


Nanoleaf will introduce a new Matter enabled Nanoleaf Basics Line in March 2023. This line includes three smart bulbs – A19, GU10, and BR30 fittings – along with a lightstrip. Each bulb offers the usual array of 16 millions colors and color temperature control.

The best Matter smart home devices


Aqara announced that Matter users of the Hub can now be supported by a beta firmware upgrade.

The update will also be available for other Aqara hubs, including the Hub M1S Gen 1 and Gen 2, Hub E1, and Camera Hub G3 & Camera Hub G2H.

Aqara Hubs, once updated, will act as a Matter Bridge to connect its vast arrays of smart home devices with your Matter Smart Home. The brand states that over 40 devices are supported.


Schenider, like Philips Hue and Aqara, will update its bridge in order to make its smart devices sing and dance with Matter.

After a software upgrade in early 2023, the brand stated that both existing and new Wiser (based on Zigbee devices) will be able operate within the Matter eco-system via the Wiser Gateway.

Schneider Wiser Plugs are also Matter-certified.


Originally scheduled for a launch in late 2022, TP-Link’s Matter plans were delayed. However, there are plenty of new products coming from both Tapo and Kasa.

TP-Link informs us that “at minimum 10 Matter-compatible devices across a wide range of categories will be available, including plugs and switches, as well as bulbs, hubs, and hubs [and] Tapo is also bringing to market a version of the Tapo App which supports Matter, allowing customers to integrate all Matter-supported products within one ecosystem.”



Govee launched its LED Strip Light M1, Matter compatible right out of the box, in May 2023.

The result is the brightest 2m lightstrip available. It packs an industry leading 60 light beads per meter.

Homey Matter smart home hub device controller

More Matter devices coming in 2023

Matter’s situation is always changing and we haven’t even mentioned all the smart home brands or devices that will be available in 2023.

Homey and Hoobs will both be launching brand new smart home hubs this year, which are Matter controllers and thread border routers.

Samsung will also make it easier to control your Matter smart home by adding Matter to devices like the Family Hub refrigerator, smart TVs, monitors and Galaxy smartphones and tablets.

LG plans to include Matter controllers on some of its smart TVs. A new Ikea gateway will also feature Matter.

There are many more brands that have announced plans to join the Matter revolution by 2023. Some have already received certification. These include – take a deep breath – Whirlpool.


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