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Nooie 360 Cam 2 review

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Nooie 360 Cam 2

Nooie 360 Cam’s original model was a great piece of kit at a reasonable price. It offered pan and tilt for less than the cost of a budget security camera.

The Nooie 360 Cam 2 is a new model that keeps the best features of the original, but increases the resolution to 2K. This does not come at a huge price increase.

The competition for the best smart home security cameras

Nooie’s camera is up against tough competition including the similar 2K Pan and tilt. Has it done enough to make you buy this all-seeing cam?

Find out more in our full review.

Nooie 360 Cam 2: Design

The Nooie 360 Cam 2 is very similar to its predecessor, except for the color change from Mocha to black (which to me and you looks like black).

This security camera is easy to install, with its small size and all-curve design.

The camera is powered by USB and comes with a customized cable. The cable is neatly connected to the back for a more professional finish. Nooie has focused on the details at a low price.

Nooie 360 Cam 2 USB slot

Normaly, you have to place a security cam very carefully so that it covers all the desired area. The Nooie 360 Cam 2 has a 360-degree pan, and a 94-degree angle of tilt.

You can place it wherever is most convenient, and then adjust the view of the camera using the app.

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Nooie has cloud recording but also a microSD slot under the lens that can take cards up to 128GB. Installing one is a great way to avoid paying monthly subscription fees.

Nooie 360 Cam 2 SDcard slot

Nooie 360 Cam 2: Features

Nooie is the app that I used to connect my camera to my Wi-Fi network.

The main controls can be found in the live view once you’re inside the app. At first glance, this camera looks similar to other security cameras. On-screen controls allow you to record, take a picture, or talk to the camera.

You can stream the live view to a Google Home or Alexa smart display via Nooie’s skill.

This motorised pan and tilt camera allows you to move it around so that the view is changed.

You can swipe on the screen to move the cursor or use the joystick. It’s all up to your preference.

This camera is easy to use and has a responsive movement. It’s also a great way to see your house and what you are doing.

Nooie 360 Cam 2 motion panning

The Nooie 360 Cam 2 is lacking the same features as its predecessor. It does not have a default setting that the camera will return to after a certain period of time, or the option to select favourite jump locations.

It’s not a big deal if you use the camera for monitoring purposes, like keeping an eye on your pet while you are away. The Nooie 360 Cam 2 becomes a bigger issue when it is used to monitor security.

The app allows you to adjust the motion sensitivity, and to draw an activity area to focus the feed on a specific part of the camera.

The activity zone can change when the camera is moved. This could cause the camera to miss an upcoming event. If you want to get the best out of the motion detection feature, I suggest pointing your camera roughly back in the same direction after you finish. This is a common problem with pan-and tilt cameras.

The camera does not only send an alert when a person has been detected. It warns of any movement, regardless of the cause.

It’s possible to schedule when the camera sends notifications. (It records without fail unless the app is manually turned off). It’s much easier to control notifications by using the phone’s “do not disturb” feature rather than the scheduled option.

The camera can be set to follow a moving person or animal. The subject is kept in sharp focus.

The downside of motion tracking is that you can’t predict where the camera is going to focus when the event has ended.

Nooie 360 Cam 2 settings in app

The Nooie 360 Cam 2 is able to detect loud noises and alert you. This feature was a lot of unnecessary alerts in practice.

The cloud service or microSD card is used to save events, whether they are triggered by audio or motion.

Budget security cameras are often expensive, but Nooie offers a competitive option, including the choice between event recording and continuous recording.

For 30 days’ history, the cost is $3 per month. Continuous recording costs $3 per month (33 dollars per year) and includes three days. It goes up to $19 per month (188 dollars per year) if you want 30 days. These prices are for each device.

The playback screen allows you to access all video. It displays a timeline which can be scrolled. The playback screen allows you to quickly jump to a particular date. Scrolling through an entire day of video is more difficult.

There is no download button once you’ve found the clip. Instead, there is a button that allows you to manually record your chosen clip length into your phone’s picture library.

Nooie 360 Cam 2 recordings

Nooie 360 Cam 2: Video quality

The Nooie 360 Cam 2 has a resolution of 2K QHD, compared to the 1080p old model.

The footage looks sharper and has more detail than the original camera. The details are visible all the way back to the frame.

Nooie 360 Cam 2’s IR lights illuminate the darkness when shooting in black and White.

The video quality is very good despite the slight loss of detail and the tiny amount of shimmering.


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