May 26, 2024


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The Google Pixel Tablet was designed to be used in the smart home.

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Google Pixel Tablet is built for the home

Google’s annual I/O conference has seen the Pixel Tablet unveiled. The slate offers a unique docking system, which makes it appear to be an ideal Smart Display alternative.

The $499/PS599 Pixel Tablet looks like any other Android tablet. The Pixel Tablet comes in three colors: white, green or pink. It has an 11-inch LCD display with a resolution of 2560 x 1680 pixels.

The ‘Charging Speaker Dock,’ which is included in the package, is the star. We can’t believe that we are saying it.

The Pixel Tablet is essentially an upgraded version of the Google Nest Max. This smart display was launched in 2019 and has been long overdue for an upgrade.

Place the tablet docked on the dock when not in use to automatically sync and charge the music. The device’s four built-in speakers will be replaced by the larger speaker.

Google Pixel Tablet is a slate designed for the smart home

It will also display a slide show from Google Photos if docked. A quick access button will also bring up the Google Home application so you can control your devices.

It can also handle Google Assistant Commands for those who prefer hands-free control. No personal information, such as notifications, will be visible until the device is unlocked.

The tablet will be upgraded to Android 14 in the future.

The OS, which runs on Google’s Fuchsia OS, is another major difference between the Pixel Tablet vs the Nest Hub Max.

Pre-orders for the Pixel Tablet are now available ahead of its 20 June delivery date. Keep an eye out for our full review and comparison of the smart display’s flagship.


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