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Google Assistant: the best commands to ask Google Home

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Best Google Assistant commands

You may only be scratching the surface when it comes to Google Assistant. Learning a few commands will quickly transform you into a Google Home Ninja.

It is important to have a list of questions you can ask your Google Assistant to get the most out of it. All Assistant-powered speakers, whether you have the original Google Home or Nest audio or Google Nest hub or the less expensive Google Nest mini can do more than just predict the weather and give a quick update.

We’ve compiled a list of 101 best Google Assistant commands to help you. They cover everything from your very first words, to smart home automation, and even devices that are compatible with Google Home.

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Google Assistant commands for beginners

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Start with “Hey Google”,, or “OK Google”,.

  • You can also say “Stop”, if your alarm or timer is ringing.
  • Google: “Hey Google! Play [song title] [artist] on Spotify.”
  • “Hey Google, help.”
  • “Hey Google! Turn [up/down] or the sound.”
  • What’s the weather today?
  • “Hey Google! Add [item] on my shopping list.”

Best Google Home commands

Google smart speakers can be used to control music, radio, podcasts and audiobooks.

  • Play some hip-hop, Google!
  • Google: “Hey, Oasis!”
  • “Hey Google, play Essex FM.”
  • Play some Spotify music, Google!
  • Google: “Hey, skip this track.”
  • “Hey Google, play my Evening Jazz playlist.”
  • Google: “Stop the music within 15 minutes.”
  • What song is this?
  • Google: “Hey, Google, please play some ambient sound”
  • Google, I need you to help me relax.
  • “Hey Google. Pause the music.”
  • Stop the music, Google!
  • “Hey Google skip to the next page.”
  • Google: “Hey, read Women’s Power.”
  • How much time do you have left to read this chapter?
  • Google: “Move my music into the bedroom, please”
  • Google: “Hey, Google, turn on the speakers downstairs.”

Read up on Google Home and Spotify for more information on music. You can also learn how to set up a Google multi-room smart speaker system.

Set timers and alarms

  • “Hey Google. Set a 10 minute timer.”
  • Set an alarm for 7:15am tomorrow.
  • “Hey Google snooze your alarm.”
  • Google: “Hey, Google, turn off the alarm at 7.15.”
  • Google: “Hey, Google, have I set any alarms?”
  • “Hey Google. Set a second 30-minute timer.”

Read our guide to make your Google Home an alarm clock for more information.

Best Google Assistant commands

Checking your calendar and reminders

  • What is my day like?
  • Google: “Hey Google! Do I have any plans for Friday?”
  • Where is my first event tomorrow?
  • Google: “Hey Google! Remind me tomorrow at 8am to bring my lunch to work.”
  • What are my reminders this week, Google?
  • “Hey Google delete my reminder for picking up my drycleaning.”
  • Google: “Hey Google! Remember that I left spare keys in the kitchen cabinet.”
  • Where did I hide my spare keys?

Read our guides on How to sync Google Calendar with Google Home, and How to use Google Home Reminders for more information.

General queries and Commands

  • What’s the current weather?
  • When is it going rain?
  • Google: “Hey, is it windy in the morning?”
  • Google: “Hey, Google, how’s traffic on your way to work?”
  • How long does it take you to get home?
  • “Hey Google, what’s today’s headlines?”
  • Google: “Hey, did the 49ers beat yesterday?”
  • What’s the French name for grapefruit?
  • How do you make mushroom Risotto?
  • What is 100 pounds in British Pounds?
  • “Hey Google, spell maneuver.”
  • When is Shake Shack Open?
  • Google: “Hey, Target, are you open today?”
  • Google: “Hey, Google, is there an Italian restaurant near me?”
  • Google: “Hey, Google! How many calories is in a courgette?”
  • “Hey Google, flip a coin.”
  • How do you solve algebraic equations?

Best Google Assistant commands for the smart home

Google Assistant Smart Home Control Commands

There’s more to this than just the Google Home commands below.

  • “Hey Google turn on the bedroom light.”
  • Google: “Hey, Google, turn the kitchen lights down to 50%.”
  • “Hey Google dim the lights in your living room.”
  • Google: “Hey, brighten your office lamp.”
  • Google: “Hey, Google, change the lights in your living room to blue”
  • Google: “Play Stranger Things at Netflix.”
  • Play The Crown in TV.
  • Google: “Hey, Google, turn the thermostat down to 20 degrees.”
  • Google: “Hey, Google, increase the temperature by three degrees.”
  • What’s the current temperature?
  • “Hey Google. Turn on all the switches.”
  • “Hey Google. Lock the front door.”
  • Google: “Hey, Google, open the blinds.”
  • Google: “Show me the backdoor cameras.”
  • Google: “Hey, Google, open the door.”

Call and phone commands

Google Assistant can integrate with Android messaging, WhatsApp, Messenger and more to read out messages. You can still make calls using the following commands or our complete guide on calling Google Home.

  • Call Elizabeth, Google!
  • Google: “Hey, Google, dial the nearest coffeeshop.”
  • “Hey Google, hang up.”
  • “Hey Google, redial.”
  • “Hey Google, Bluetooth pairing.”
  • Google: “Hey Google, my phone is connected via Bluetooth?”
  • Google: “Hey, Google, call me on my phone.”

Kids Commands

  • What does an elephant soundlike?
  • “Hey Google, set a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle alarm for 8am.”
  • “Hey Google read a bedtime tale.”
  • “Hey Google. Sing a lullaby.”
  • Google “Hey, let’s start the school day!”

Want more information or options on parental controls? Use our guide on to use Google Home with children.

Broadcasting commands

  • “Hey Google broadcast “wake everyone up”.”
  • “Hey Google broadcast that dinner is ready.”
  • “Hey Google broadcast the time to leave for school.”
  • “Hey Google broadcast that the football game is about to begin.”

If you’d like to learn more about the Google Home broadcast feature, please read our guide.

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