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Dreamebot D10 Plus review

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Dreamebot D10 Plus

Not so long ago, low-cost robot cleaners were clunky devices that bounced around the house randomly until their batteries ran out.

With the Dreamebot D10 Plus we now have a robot that costs less than $500 with full navigation, maps, and a self emptying station.

It can it compete with the Roborock Q7Max+, or should we avoid this budget cleaner?

Find out more by reading our Dreamebot D10 Plus Review.

Dreamebot D10 plus: Design and Build

The D10 Plus robot vacuum cleaner is similar to others.

This model has two buttons at the top. One is to clean, and the other to ask for it to return to dock.

Rival: Roborock S8 Pro Ultra review

The LiDAR dome is located on top. It is used to navigate quickly and accurately. This is a great feature for a vacuum cleaner of this price range, and it’s more advanced than the visual guidance used by the Yeedi Vac 2 Pro.

Dreamebot D10 Plus buttons

Flip open the robot, and there’s a large 400ml dust bin, which is plenty big to take dirt for a regular clean.

It’s important to clean the filter in your bin at least once per month. This will keep its suction power high.

Dreamebot D10 Plus dust bin

The self-emptying station only accepts 2.5-litre bags, so you won’t need to empty it often.

The robot will empty these bags every one to two weeks, depending on the cleanliness of your home and how frequently you use it. They cost about $20 per pack.

Dreamebot D10 Plus bin bag

The robot’s underside is a standard design: a brush to agitate dirt and a side sweeper brush that pushes dust from the edges of the room into the suction path.

The brush’s main bristle is not anti-hair, so you will need to remove the hair using the tool provided.

Dreamebot D10 Plus underneath

Dreamebot D10 plus: Features and in Use

The Dreamebot D10 Plus has the best mapping and movement thanks to LiDAR.

This robot was able to move around without getting tangled up.

There are times when the robot gets stuck and needs a little help moving, but I have yet to find the perfect robotic vacuum cleaner.

Dreamebot D10 Plus review

This model does not have a front-facing camera, so it’s advisable to clean up the area before cleaning. Remove any cables or other obstacles where the D10 Plus could get stuck.

Even though more expensive vacuums may have more suction, 4000pa is still a good amount. This vacuum cleaner was powerful enough to remove dust and did an excellent job at the edges. However, larger spills needed to be cleaned up with a standard vacuum cleaner.

The robot is pretty quiet. It’s certainly quiet enough to have it running in the same room.

Dreamebot D10 plus: mopping function

The robot can clean a certain distance before it needs to be refilled. The robot has adjustable water settings, but the tank is only 125ml in this model. It can’t clean that far before it needs to be refilled.

The Dreamebot D10 Plus cannot remove stains that are more deeply embedded without the agitating feature.

The mopping is a secondary function on this machine. It was great for light surface stains but anything more made the floor look dirty.

A mopping robot such as the Yeedi Mopstation Pro is a good choice if you want your floors to look clean and gleaming.

This robot does not have carpet detection so it will happily wet any rugs or carpets that it comes across on a normal clean. It is essential to close doors or use a non-mop area.

Dreamebot D10 plus: app and digital assistants

Dreame is a part of the Xiaomi Ecological Chain , from which Roborock grew up years ago. Both brands have similar apps and layouts, so it’s no surprise.

This is good news for Dreamebot D10 Plus. It builds a map on its first run that you can divide into different rooms.

It makes sense to clean rooms, since you can choose the cleaning order or have the D10 Plus clean a specific area manually or according to a schedule.

The D10 Plus is also compatible with multiple maps, which means that it can cover your entire house.

Dreamebot D10 Plus mapping

Maps can be enhanced with virtual boundaries, as well as no-go zones and no mop zones. It’s worth checking out these features as the D10 Plus moves around your house.

For example, there is a low piece of furniture I add to my no-go zones, because robots can get stuck underneath.

The vacuum option (I use Strong, the second-to-highest option) and the mopping option (High water setting works best when the bracket is attached) are the cleaning options.

Dreamebot D10 Plus review

The advanced features of Roborock are missing: I could not place furniture on the map and there was no option to do more than one cleaning pass.

Voice commands are available to start or stop a cleaning using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

It was much easier to use this app than the voice commands.

Dreamebot D10 plus: Battery life and Maintenance

Dreame claims that the D10 Plus is capable of covering an area up to 270m2 with a single battery charge. However, it does not give a time frame for how long the battery will last.

It’s true: most robot vacuum cleaners have batteries that are large enough to handle the task at hand. The Dreamebot D10 Plus does not differ.

On a single battery charge, the robot was able to clean my entire downstairs (60m2) and had enough power for a second cleaning run or spot cleaning.

The app will alert you when to clean your sensors and when brushes need replacing. Before replacing the brushes, it’s a good idea to check that they are fully worn.

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