May 26, 2024


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The Govee LED strip light M1 is ready to use right out of its box

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Govee LED Strip Light M1 Matter ready

Govee has launched the Govee M1 LED Strip Light, the latest brand to join the Matter party.

This 2m light strip is not only Matter compatible, but also highly customizable. Thanks to the RGBIC+ technology that Govee uses in its smart lights.

RGBIC lightstrips can display more colors than traditional RGB lightstrips. They are equipped with smart IC bead technology and have the ability to show multiple colors at once.

Govee says that the LED Strip Light M1 has an industry leading 60 light beads per meter. This results in the brightest 2m lightstrip available.

The Govee App allows you to control 64 different modes of lighting, including up to 50 segments.

One of the main selling points for the matter smart home system was that you didn’t have to use the brand’s own app. Instead, you could control the device using any smart-home ecosystem that you prefer, such as SmartThings or Amazon Alexa.

We’ll let our readers know after we put the M1 to the test.

The M1 connects to a Matter System via Wi-Fi rather than thread.

Govee LED Strip Light M1 is Matter ready right out of the box

Govee, which is part of Shenzhen Intellirocks Tech, has made a major push in recent years to bring its connected technology to Western consumers.

Govee Stores on Amazon have a wide range of connected devices, primarily smart lights. The Govee Store is easy to use.

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The 2m Govee M1 LED Strip Light is now available for $79.99 US, and PS59.99 UK. If you want to extend the length, you can do so up to 5m. 1m extensions are available for $17.99.

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