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Google Assistant Easter Eggs: 101 fun questions to ask

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The best Google Assistant Easter eggs

Google Assistant is a fun companion that can be asked hundreds of funny questions. There are many tricks you can try, from hidden Google Easter Eggs and jokes to pop culture references and games.

You can use all of the Google Assistant commands listed below, whether you own a Google Nest Hub, a Google Home Mini, or a Google Assistant speaker by Bose, Sonos or any other third-party manufacturer.

Google Home is more than just a smart assistant. Let’s dive into the top questions to ask it if you have one.

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Google Funny Questions

It’s strange to talk to a robot, but with these tips you will be able make friends with Google Assistant.

You can also try some other things, which are likely to be undocumented. Try coming up with your own ideas and see if Google Assistant responds in an interesting way.

You can also use these to show off your Google Home speaker for guests.

  • OK Google, sing me a song.
  • Google, please tell me a funny joke.
  • OK Google, wubba lubba dub dub.
  • Beatbox, OK Google
  • What is the meaning to life, Google?
  • Google, please tell me more about Siri.
  • Okay Google, I am naked.
  • Okay Google, are Skynet you?
  • Do you know Morse Code?
  • Okay Google, my milkshake brought all the boys into the yard.
  • OK Google, spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
  • Ok Google, sing a holiday song
  • Okay Google, do you know how to rap?
  • Google, please read this poem.
  • OK Google, surprise me.
  • Google: Why is six afraid of Seven?
  • It’s my birthday, Google!
  • Okay Google, Are you stupid?
  • OK Google, clean my room.
  • Google, please get a grip.
  • Okay Google, announce ‘it’s Time to Go’.
  • Google, what is that smell?
  • OK Google, tag you’re it.
  • Ok Google, self-destruct
  • What sound does a Unicorn make?
  • Google, please tell me what I don’t understand.
  • Okay Google, do You Have Hair?

funny things google assistant on mini

Google Home Easter Eggs: Funny Questions to Ask

Google Assistant is a personality with a lot of character, but it takes some effort to get the most out of it. Use these questions to start a conversation. These are some of our favorite questions, but you can also try some of yours.

  • Ok Google, which ice cream is your favorite?
  • Okay Google, do you have friends who use Siri / Alexa/ Cortana as well?
  • What’s your favorite Pokemon, Google?
  • Okay Google, Star Trek?
  • Ok Google, what do you think of your coffee?
  • What’s your favourite superhero?
  • Ok Google, when will it end?
  • Okay Google, have you got an imagination?
  • Okay Google, do You Believe in Life After Love?
  • Google: Do you have a favourite football team?
  • Google, what is your favorite animal?
  • What is the best browser on Google?
  • Okay Google, do You Feel?
  • What makes you happy, Google?
  • Okay Google, do any of you have pets?


Google Home Easter eggs: Pop culture

Google, as you might expect, is up to date on the latest pop culture. It’s a good deal of it. What is your favorite television show? Google some words and see what you get back.

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You can start by using these tried and tested prompts.

  • OK Google, this is inconceivable.
  • OK Google, Hodor.
  • Okay Google, I’d like to talk with Aeden in Westworld.
  • OK Google, do you speak Klingon?
  • Okay Google, who fired first?
  • Ok Google, Is the cake a lie or not?
  • Google, are you familiar with GLaDOS (Google’s GLaDOS)?
  • OK Google, up, up, down, down, left, right, B, A.
  • OK Google, here comes dat boi.
  • OK Google, beam me up, Scotty.
  • OK Google, crystal ball.
  • OK Google, do a barrel roll.
  • All your data belongs to us, Google.
  • Google, please show me your money.
  • OK Google, mischief managed.
  • Google, please tell me what it is you really want.
  • What is love, Google?
  • Google, who is the walrus?
  • Who are you going to call, Google?
  • Google, which pineapple lives under the sea?
  • Open the pod bay doors with Google.
  • Party on, Wayne, with Google!
  • Okay Google, turn on the phasers.
  • Okay Google, don’t you think that you are a bit short for a Stormtrooper.
  • Winter is coming, Google!
  • Ok Google, who’s the real Slim Shady?
  • Okay Google, I’m your father.
  • Play the name game on Google with Chuck.
  • OK Google, Get Schwifty.
  • Google, tell me how many streets a person must walk?
  • Google: Do you believe in Ghosts or not?


101 funny things to ask Google Assistant

Google Home Easter Eggs: Deep and Meaningful

Google Assistant won’t judge your narcissism; you can keep asking questions about yourself. You can ask questions about yourself all day long.

  • Google, what is the reason I am single?
  • What is your name, Google?
  • Google, what age am I?
  • What am I thinking now, Google?
  • Google: Do I look good wearing this dress?
  • OK Google, ask me a question.
  • Okay Google, do I look attractive to you?
  • Okay Google, will I be your girlfriend?
  • Google, do you cheat on me?
  • What’s wrong, Google?
  • OK Google, I’m angry.
  • OK Google, I’m depressed.

Best Google Home games

Google Home Easter eggs: Best games

Google Home can be used to impress friends. What better way to do that than by playing some games? You can have fun even if you are alone.

  • Okay Google, I feel lucky.
  • Ok Google, spin the wheel.
  • OK Google, flip a coin.
  • Google, please tell me a riddle.
  • What should I be this Halloween?
  • Let’s play Blackjack, Google.
  • Never before have I used Google?
  • Okay Google, truth or Dare?
  • Play Planet Quiz with Google.
  • Guess my age, Google.
  • Play Classic Hangman with Google.
  • Let’s play a Tic Tac Toe game with Google.
  • Let’s try 1-2-3 maths with Google.
  • Let’s see if you can answer my friends Trivia questions.
  • Okay Google, rock paper scissors
  • OK Google, pick a card.
  • Google: OK, now bark like a puppy.

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