May 26, 2024


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WiZ smart lighting system with indoor camera helps secure your home

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WiZ Indoor Cam links with lights

WiZ has expanded its SpaceSense feature, allowing existing WiFi smart bulbs that detect motion to work with a new Indoor camera. The pair will combine to increase home security.

SpaceSense has already been shown to be able to detect changes in WiFI signals as well as act a hidden movement sensor. The $70/PS79.99 WiZ Indoor Camera adds another layer of security to the setup.

It means potential intruders would now be detected by a SpaceSense-compatible bulb, which in turn could then send an alert to the WiZ app to notify the user while the camera captures what’s going on.

According to an upgrade that was released in April all WiZ bulbs with Bluetooth and existing WiZ bulbs (and new bulbs as well) are compatible with SpaceSense. However, the camera is required, along with at least two bulbs.

WiZ smart lights link with new indoor camera to help secure your home

The camera, at least based on its specs, appears to be an excellent choice.

The device features 1080p recording and streaming, a 120 degree field of view and two-way audio. Motion detection and night vision are also included. WiZ has trained the system to be alert for loud sounds such as an alarm or glass breaking.

WiZ Home Monitoring Starter Kit – which includes a trio A19 bulbs, the Indoor Camera, and other components – will be available for EUR 159.99 by mid-June.

The US price is not yet known, but it would be around $175/PS140. The camera will also be available for purchase at the end May to those who have already purchased compatible bulbs.

We’re also curious to see how it works. WiZ products are always worth considering due to their low price and additional features that can be unlocked with SpaceSense.

You will need to subscribe for 30 day cloud storage if you want the Indoor Cam.

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