May 26, 2024


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We’re still waiting on new device types.

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Matter 1.1 update is now rolling out

The Connectivity Standards Association has announced the first major Matter update. Bug fixes are being rolled out for the smart home standard along with a number improvements for developers.

matter in its current state is a bit a mess, but this represents the first notable upgrade.

In its blog post describing the update, The CSA states that developers will now find it easier and faster to receive certification. Bug fixes will also make it more enjoyable for users, especially if they have battery-powered matter devices.

According to the CSA, these Intermittently Connected devices’ (ICDs), should be integrated more neatly.

These devices, sometimes called “sleepy” devices, are usually battery-powered and include temperature, contact, motion and movement sensors, as well as switches and door locks that must conserve energy for optimal performance and longevity.

The additional support will reduce the likelihood of a device being reported as offline by users or platforms when they interact with it. The blog post states that these improvements will make it easier for developers to optimize their products, and create a better user experience.

Despite the improvements that this update brings, it doesn’t appear to be a turning point for many who were looking forward to Matter 1.1.

The CSA has noted that new features and support for device types are planned.

In the months leading up to Matter 1.2, progress may accelerate quickly, as a new Matter Interoperability Test Facility is opening in Portland, Oregon. Watch this space for more.

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