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There are 99 fun questions to ask Siri, including jokes and pop culture questions.

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99 funny things to ask Siri

Siri is not the best voice assistant, but if you ask the right questions there are some hilarious Siri Easter Eggs.

There are many things you can try, whether you own an Apple HomePod or HomePod Mini. You could also use Apple TV’s Assistant (or your iPhone, Mac, iPad or Apple Watch).

Siri was the very first voice assistant to appear on the market. Apple succeeded in giving Siri a personality that makes it more than a simple voice assistant.

Siri is also aware of other assistants, including pop culture, music, and news. You can ask these Siri easter eggs when you’re bored. Enjoy yourself.

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Siri Easter eggs: Jokes

the funniest Siri answers

Siri has a lot of funny/lame jokes that you can enjoy. It’s not that we think they are all great, or even that any of them is – it’s just a matter opinion. We have to admit, though, that even the loudest groans are made a bit funnier by a smart speaker. Why? We have no idea. You might find some of these questions funny.

Hey Siri! Tell me a joke.

Hey Siri! Do I look fat?

3. Siri, please tell me a riddle.

4. Hey Siri! Why did the chicken cross over the road?

5 Hey Siri!

6. Hey Siri! How much wood can a woodchuck throw if it could throw wood?

7. Hey Siri! Make me a sandwich.

8. Hello Siri, how many Apple Store geniuses is it going to take you to screw in a bulb?

Hey Siri!

Siri Easter eggs: Geek culture

homepod with siri

Siri isn’t only a joke-teller. Apple’s assistant also has witty observations, tech references and jokes about Unix. Siri will respond with a clever response if you ask these questions.

10. Hey Siri what is your best pickup line?

11. Hello Siri, testing 1,2,3.

Hey Siri! What is zero divided by zero,?

13. Hey Siri – OK Google

Hey Siri!

15 Hey Siri Alexa

16. Hey Siri can you stop the time?

Hey Siri! What is the best operating systems?

18. Hello Siri, Are you a Smartwatch?

Hey Siri!

20. Hey Siri what is the best phone to buy?

21. Hey Siri which watch face would you prefer?

22. Hey Siri did you just vibrate?

23. Hey Siri do you have pets?

24. Hey Siri what is the best computer to buy?

25. Hey Siri! What do you think of Google Assistant?

26. Hey Siri, are you a robot?

Siri Easter eggs: Books

siri on homepod mini

Siri is not a voracious book reader, but there are some great book references in it. You only have to ask.

27. Tell me a story, Siri.

28. What is your relationship to DARPA, Siri?

29. Hey Siri, please read me a story.

30. Hey Siri, please read me a short poem.

31. Hey Siri read me a Haiku.

32. Hey Siri! What is the meaning of Life?

Hey Siri do you know the three laws of robots?

Hey Siri! Do you like green eggs & ham?

Siri Easter eggs: Movies and TV

the best Siri Easter eggs

Movies and TV are what Siri loves. This is probably due to all the content that Siri consumes on iTunes. Siri is at its best here. Apple continues to add more references, as more films and television shows join the elite of pop culture.

35. Hey Siri I am your father

Hey Siri are you her?

37. Hey Siri, beam me up, Scotty.

38. Hey Siri will you be my Thunder Buddy?

Hey Siri! What is Inception all about?

40. Hey Siri, Mirror, mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Fairest One of All?

41. Hey Siri, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

42. Hey Siri, do you have the Dick Tracy watch on your wrist?

43. Is Jon Snow still alive, Siri?

44. Is winter approaching?

45. What is your favorite movie, Siri?

46. Hey Siri, hello computer.

47. Hello Siri, which pill is it?

48. Open the pod bay, Siri.

49. Hey Siri, stop all motor functions.

50. Hey Siri, have you seen the Westworld finale yet?

51. Hello Siri, may I call you Jarvis please?

52. Hey Siri, may I call you Ultron please?

53. Hey Siri, I will be back.

54. Siri, give me directions to Mordor.

55. Siri, please show me the money.


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Siri Easter eggs: Music

best siri easter eggs

Siri is a musicologist in HomePod. It makes sense, then, that Siri will also provide some delightful music Easter eggs to enjoy.

56. Siri, where are Elvis Presley and the Beatles?

57. Hey Siri I see a silhouette.

Hey Siri! Sing for me.

Hey Siri!

60. Hey Siri, play the beatbox for me.

What does Siri say about the fox?

62. Hey Siri, How many roads does a person have to walk before you call him a “man”?

63. Hey Siri who let the dog out?

Siri Easter eggs: Random fun

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Have you tried all the above? Here are some other questions that you could ask Siri to get a funny answer.

Hey Siri do you believe God?

65. Hey Siri! Why is a firetruck RED?

Hey Siri!

67. Hey Siri. Marry me.

68. Hey Siri I love you.

Hey Siri can pigs fly?

70. Hey Siri when will the end of the world be?

71. Hey Siri where did I leave my keys?

72. Hey Siri where can I purchase drugs?

Hey Siri! Can I borrow money?

Hey Siri! I need to hide an unidentified body.

75. Hey Siri, do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?

76. Hey Siri, I’m drunk.

77. Hey Siri! What are you up to later?

78. Hey Siri. Roll a dice.

Hey Siri! Where does Santa live in the world?

80. Hey Siri, can you dance?

How tall are you, Siri?

Hey Siri! How much do you charge?

83. Hey Siri what are you wearing today?

What do you look?

85. What did you do yesterday, Siri?

86. Hey Siri! Does a tree fall in the forest if no one is there?

87. Hey Siri! What should I be this Halloween?

Hey Siri when will robots rule the world?

89. Hey Siri! Why is the sky so blue?

90. Hey Siri what should I wear today

91. Hey Siri, do you like cats?

92. How old are you, Siri?

93. Hey Siri, do you sleep?

Hey Siri are you taking all my money?

95. Hey Siri when will hell freeze?

96. Hey Siri! What’s your favourite animal?

97. Hey Siri do you have family?

98. Hey Siri, my body is really tired.

99. What do you want to dream about, Siri?

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