May 26, 2024


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Apple HomePod now listens for smoke alarms inside your home

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Apple HomePod listens for smoke alarms

Apple’s HomePod smart speaker and HomePod Mini can alert you when a CO2 or smoke alarm is activated at home, even if you are away.

Sound Recognition, announced at the unveiling of the HomePod 2nd generation, uses the microphones built into the device to listen for carbon monoxide and smoke alarms.

You’ll also see a banner in the Home app and, if you have a a href=” videoexplainer-1814″>HomeKit compatible smart security camera/a>, you can tap into live feed of what is going on. A banner will appear in the Home app, and if you have a compatible smart security camera you can also tap into a real-time feed.

This alert could be used to automate HomeKit – for example, turning fans on/off or smart switches off.

Open the Home app and tap the name of the HomePod. Scroll down and tap Sound Recognition. Switch on the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms.

The new Home feature is not a new feature. Amazon’s Guard feature already offers this, and much more. However, it could be life-saving if a carbon monoxide or fire starts while you are away. Sound Recognition alerts you immediately so you can take the necessary action to get home safely.

You’ll need iOS 16.4 with the new Home Architecture to use the Sound Recognition feature. It’s said to work on the old and new HomePod generation, as well as Mini.

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