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How to control and stream Spotify from your Apple HomePod

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How to use Spotify on an Apple HomePod

AirPlay allows you to access Spotify and all other major streaming services.

The HomePod Mini as well as the second generation can perform all the functions of any regular AirPlay speakers. If your favorite streaming application is iOS-based and offers an AirPlay feature, you can stream your music through your iPhone or iPad.

Spotify is not natively supported on HomePod. This means you cannot set it as your default music player.

Siri is not mute when you use Spotify. It’s just not as intelligent as when you’re using Apple Music. Siri will still be able to provide basic playback controls and can relay song and band information from Wikipedia most of the time.

We thought that, since Spotify is the world’s most popular streaming service – and AirPlay can be fiddly on it – that we would show you how to stream Spotify on your Apple HomePod.

HomePod default Spotify streaming explained

Apple announced that the HomePod eco-system will offer more streaming options during the 2020 launch of the Apple HomePod Mini.

Cupertino’s official statement said that “HomePod Mini will work with Apple Music and podcasts as well as radio stations such as iHeartRadio and In the months to come, it will also support popular music services like Pandora and Amazon Music.”

HomePod can be set to play music from other services, such as Pandora or Deezer. However, Spotify is not the default streaming music service.

Apple has confirmed that it would love to collaborate with Spotify, even though Spotify is not on board. This was revealed in a The ambient briefing.

Follow these steps until we get the integration.


HomePod streaming Spotify app

using spotify with homepod

Open the Spotify app and select the song that you would like to start with.

Select ‘More Devices” and then select your HomePod speaker.

You can also switch to the smart speaker without having to open the Spotify app if you are already listening to Spotify via your iPhone.

The music tile in Control Center will display the song that you are currently listening to on your phone.

How to stream and control Spotify on your Apple HomePod

Press the AirPlay button and 3D Touch your iPhone (or press it long if you have an older iPhone).

The music will immediately stop playing from your phone’s speakers (or headphones), and be transferred to your HomePod. The widget on your iPhone’s lockscreen can do the same.

You need to choose a playlist, or album, that you want to listen in order. Siri won’t jump to another collection if you skip tracks. You’ll have to rely on the iPhone or iPad display every time you want to change things up.

AirPlay 2 was released a few years ago, adding stereo and multi-room to the HomePod. You can now choose to play Spotify music through multiple speakers or as a duo.

Use the above method and select the option for multiple HomePods or a stereo pair.

airplay settings spotify

HomePod voice commands: Spotify

Even if you do not get the full benefits of native Spotify support, you can still perform most of the track controls you would get from Apple Music.

Here are some Spotify commands for HomePod examples:

  • Siri: “Turn up the volume.”
  • Siri: “Turn the volume up to [x ]%.”
  • Siri: “Turn the volume down.”
  • “Hey Siri pause this song.”
  • Hey Siri, continue the song.
  • Play the next song, Siri!

HomePod and Siri interaction with Musicologist and Spotify

Siri will not play specific albums, playlists or songs on Spotify. You’ll have to start each session manually on your iOS device. Siri will not take a break from your Spotify HomePod sessions.

You can use Siri (or Wikipedia) to find out more about a track or an artist.

Start with these ideas.

  • What song is that?
  • When was this song released?
  • What album is that on?
  • “Hey Siri! Who plays the drums for this band?”
  • Siri: “Tell me about this artist.”

You can use your Mac to listen to Spotify on HomePod

AirPlay is built into your Mac, right? You can send Spotify music to your Apple TV via the AirPlay button on your Mac.

You’ll surely be able stream music to your HomePod from the Spotify app for Mac, right?

Wrong. This is currently not possible. Spotify’s desktop app does not list AirPlay speakers for some reason. The Mac AirPlay menu option only shows Apple TVs and not HomePods. (Even more bizarre, you can AirPlay a HomePod using iTunes on a Mac).

There is a solution. AirPlay allows you to play sounds from your Mac or Spotify to your HomePod. You’ll have to go into the System Preferences of your Mac.

Choose ‘Sound output’ from the menu and select your HomePod.

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