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Apple HomeKit Secure Video explained, and the best HomeKit camera to buy

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Apple HomeKit Secure Video explained

Apple announced HomeKit Secure video at WWDC in June 2019. It’s a major development in the world of smart security cameras.

HomeKit is a platform that changes the way video camera work. In the past couple of years, brands have been pushing to launch smart surveillance cameras as well as smart doorbells which match the standard.

Here are the best Apple HomeKit Devices

Secure Video has been announced a few years ago, but we’ve noticed that the information is still unclear.

This guide will help you understand what Secure Video is and how it works. It’ll also tell you what HomeKit Secure Video cameras and video doorbells work best, including the Evecam the Logitech Circular View the Aqara camera hub G3 and the Logitech EufyCam 2.

Apple HomeKit Secure Video on iPhone

HomeKit Secure video: What is it exactly?

Secure Video was created to attract more users and companies into Apple’s HomeKit ecosystem. It also aims to capture the most sensitive information in the smart home, which is home security footage. You want to make sure that only the people who you choose to share your footage with can see it.

Secure Video allows you to store your footage on Apple servers, knowing that no one will be able to see it – not Apple or anyone else. The footage is encrypted from beginning to end and then sent into the iCloud where it will remain securely. Only you and those you have invited to view it will be able see it.

Learn how to install an Apple HomeKit Hub

To be clear, the encryption is done on the device local, before it’s sent to the cloud. This means Apple couldn’t even get a look at it if they wanted to.

HomeKit is installed on your local device, whether it’s a HomePod or an Apple TV. Before the footage is sent to the big iCloud up in the air, it’s also analysed. Before storing and encrypting the footage, it is analysed to determine if it’s of people, animals, or cars.

If users prefer, they can use the storage plans provided by these providers.

What is required to use it

A Secure Video-compatible device and an iCloud Apple account are required. You’ll also need a hub if you are using HomeKit. The hub can be either a HomePod or Apple TV.

Apple HomeKit Secure Video iCloud costs

How much space will I need and what is the cost?

Secure Video does not count against your iCloud storage limit. The answer depends on the number of cameras you plan to use. Apple gives all iCloud customers 5GB of storage for free, but you need a higher tier to use Secure Video.

  • Top picks for cheap security cameras Best budget security cameras

Apple has made HomeKit work with unlimited cameras in the new iCloud+.

For $0.99 per month, you get a HSV camera. The 200GB plan costs $2.99 and you can buy up to five cameras. And for $9.99, you get all the feeds.

Apple HomeKit Secure Video app settings

Why Use HomeKit Secure video?

HomeKit Secure Video simplifies the process of setting up and using your cameras within Apple’s ecosystem.

The Logitech Circle View, for example, does not have its own application. You don’t need to download anything or sign in. Plug it in, launch the Apple Home app and scan the HomeKit Code.

HomeKit Secure Video Cameras can be used as LUX (light) sensors, motion sensors, and even as LUX sensors. You can use these sensors to trigger HomeKit Automations that the Apple Home App will suggest.

HomeKit Secure Video has a number of features that make it a great product. The camera can react to you and your family’s presence by switching to one of four different modes depending on whether or not you are at home.

  • Off – it’s completely disabled
  • The camera’s sensors can be used to trigger automation or send notifications.
  • Stream – Approved Users can view the live stream, but videos will not be recorded.
  • Record and stream – You can access the live stream and your camera will capture footage according to your settings.

This is similar to geofencing, which many other cameras provide to protect your privacy. However, this option is more nuanced because it does not remove your camera’s ability to be a part of your smart house just because you do not want it to record.

You can still use motion-triggered automations. For example, you could have the lights come on in the morning but without the camera recording you in your underwear.

Apple has added Package Detection (HSV) to HSV to alert users to the delivery of an item, if the package is in the viewfinder of the camera.

You can use this if you are worried about theft or simply want to know that the package was delivered.

aqara homekit secure video camera

Best HomeKit Secure video cameras

HomeKit Secure Video camera list is constantly growing. The Logitech Circle 2 was the first device to receive it officially, although this was through a software upgrade rather than a HomeKit Secure Video out-of-the box device.

In 2020, Eufy and Eve began selling the first HomeKit Secure Video cameras. The list has grown even more in 2021.

Also, there are a few HomeKit Secure Video Doorbells from brands such as Logitech and Robin.

Check out these top models:

  • Logitech Circle View
  • Logitech Circle View Doorbell
  • Eve Cam
  • EufyCam 2
  • EufyCam 2 Pro 2K
  • EufyCam 2C
  • EufyCam Indoor Cam 2K
  • EufyCam Indoor Cam Pan 2K
  • Aqara GH2 indoor cam
  • Aqara Camera Hub G3
  • Aqara G2H Pro
  • Aqara Intelligent Video Doorbell G4
  • Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera
  • Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera
  • Robin ProLine Video Doorbell
  • Robin ProLine Compact
  • Onvis C3 security camera
  • Ecobee smartCamera
  • Wemo smart video doorbell
  • Eve Outdoor Camera

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