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Apple TV Apps: The best games, entertainment, and 4K essentials

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The best Apple TV apps

Apple’s invasion of the home is not just about HomeKit or Siri-enabled HomePod. Apple has been invading homes with its Apple TV for years. The latest Apple TV 4K is even more impressive, acting as both a smart-home hub and matter controller.

Don’t forget the App Store. It gives you access a wide range of apps for Apple’s tvOS operating system. These apps have been designed to look big and colorful on a 4K TV.

You can see the world through them, whether it’s entertainment, sports or news.

We’ve selected some of our favorites for you to check out.

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Make sure you enable Automatic downloads in Apps. You can then download apps to your iPhone or iPad, and they will automatically install on your Apple TV.

Apple TV apps: Entertainment

The best Apple TV apps and games


Netflix is the default app on all smart television and streaming boxes/sticks. It’s surprising that you still haven’t installed Netflix on your TV device. Netflix’s huge library will be available in 4K. You can also access some exclusive shows and movies.

Free (requires a subscription), Netflix


Disney Plus is the repository for all things owned and built by the House of Mouse. Disney Plus is a repository for everything owned and built by the House of Mouse, including all Star Wars films, Marvel movies and Fox properties, such as the Simpsons Library (20th Century Fox, Fox Television and Fox are now owned and controlled by Disney). Fox is bringing some of its Marvel movies to the platform.

Download Disney Plus Free


HBO has some of the most popular television shows of recent years, such as Game of Thrones and Watchmen. Other hits include Girls, The Leftovers and The Leftovers. Warner Media also offers classics and DC movies, like Inception, along with classics from the DC catalogue.

Free, HBO Max

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon has been holding out for a while on creating a full Amazon Prime Video App for Apple TV. This left Apple fans in the dark about one of the most popular streaming services available. Prime Video is now available on Apple TV in 4K, where it’s available. However, you can still make purchases using another device.

Download Amazon Prime Video


The Handmaid’s Tale is a great example. It’s still the best place to watch the latest US TV, the day after the broadcast. If you have one of Apple TV’s newer boxes, 4K will be supported.

Free (requires subscription), 


YouTube TV, which offers dozens of channels, is the best option if you are planning to ditch cable and satellite but still want internet TV. YouTube TV’s best feature is the unlimited cloud DVR. YouTube will download and save episodes of your favourite shows to watch later. With iPhone and iPad applications, you can watch TV anywhere.

Free YouTube TV

Movies Anywhere

It’s fine if you’ve never heard of Movies Anywhere. Movies Anywhere is a brand new service offered by most major Hollywood studios. It allows you to store digital movies in one place, regardless of where you purchased them. Movies Anywhere will store all your digital movies, whether you bought them on iTunes, Amazon, Vudu or with a Blu-Ray digital code. Tip: If your iTunes account has been linked to Movies Anywhere then Apple will upgrade your films to 4K, even if you didn’t buy them from iTunes.

Download movies anywhere


Plex is a long-time favourite of media servers users, but Apple TV users were forced to use unofficial apps for a time to satisfy their craving. Plex has now been officially added to Apple TV. You can enjoy your media in a variety of ways, including streaming, casting and sharing. You can also enjoy a 4K HDR compatible premium TV service.

Plex Pass (optional subscription) Plex


Twitch, the livestream gaming platform, has an Apple TV app that is very intuitive and slick. It’s perfect for the larger screen.

Download Twitch for free


You’ll want to shout at your credit card statement with the number of streaming services available today. Tubi offers free TV shows and movies, and is completely legal. You’ll have to watch some ads, but you will save money.

Free, Download Tubi

Apple TV apps: News and info

The best Apple TV apps and games

CBS News

CBS News is one of the easiest apps to use. It’s basically one big streaming news channel. It loops frequently and continuously cycles through the latest news. If you keep it running in the background, you will get enough. It’s a news-only channel, so you won’t find any opinion shows here.

Free, Download CBS News

Reuters TV

CBS News is one of the easiest apps to use. It’s basically one big streaming news channel. It loops frequently and continuously cycles through the latest news. If you keep it running in the background, you will get enough. It’s a news-only channel, so you won’t find any opinion shows here.

Free, Download Reuters TV

Bloomberg Business News

Check out the latest news in the world of business (and see how your stocks are doing).You can watch Bloomberg TV Livestream as well as other Bloomberg Series like Surveillance and Moonshot.This is also, in our opinion, one of the most visually appealing apps on the list.

Download the Bloomberg Business News for free.

Kitchen Stories

Kitchen Stories is a great place to find new recipes. The site has a lot of video recipes and tutorials, such as how to cut an onion. You can save recipes and create an instant grocery list to use the next time you go shopping.

Free, Download Kitchen Stories


Every once in awhile, everyone needs some inspiration or a new idea to brighten up their lives. TED offers a variety of great talks to choose from. Learn about JJ’s Mystery Box or why Ariana considers naps to be one of the most essential parts of her life. You own the world.

Free, Download TED

Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather lets you see a beautiful weather forecast displayed on your Apple TV. You can begin (or end) each day knowing what the local conditions will be.

Download Carrot Weather $3.99

Apple TV kids apps

The best Apple TV apps: We list games, entertainment and 4K essentials


This app is jam-packed with videos, clips, and interactive games to keep your kids entertained and learning.

Free, Download Hopster


Ibbleobble has a variety of games and puzzles for children aged 5 to 8 years old. There is enough material to challenge them and keep them learning. The games are divided into editions that cover words, additions, sequences, and more. It’s so fun, kids may not even realize they’re actually learning. It’s actually a collection of apps. We recommend downloading them all.

Free, Download Ibbleobble

iBooks Storytime

iBooks storytime will take care of reading a book to your child. Choose from a variety of options, including Dora and Sesame St, and then watch as the book comes to life through narration, page-turning, and beautiful animations.

Download iBooks storytime



What do you think of more than 4,000 cartoons, books and activities that have been hand-selected for children aged 2-8? PlayKids is a great service that offers a wide range of cartoons, books and activities for children aged 2-8. The service is safe and ad-free (as one would expect from a paid subscription).


Free, Download PlayKids

Apple TV Apps: Games


Asphalt 9: Legends

Apple TV 4K has a lot of power, and no game shows that more than Asphalt 9 (which Apple uses to showcase the Apple TV). GameLoft updates the game regularly with new events, all for free.

Free, Download Asphalt 9: Legends

You can find out more about it here

If you’ve played Limbo, then Inside is worth a try. The game is another clever puzzle platformer that has you solving puzzles, avoiding death, and navigating a dark, eerie dystopia.

Free Trial (Free game, $6.99 full version), Download inside

Rayman Adventures

It’s best to play this one with a controller. ( Here’s how). Rayman Adventures can be played with the Apple TV remote, but the game plays more like an endless runner. Connecting a controller gives you the traditional Rayman experience. Although there are more flashy titles, few of them can compare to the fun and gameplay you’ll get with this one.

Free, Download Rayman Adventures

Smule Sing Smule Sing!

The Apple TV version is perfect for large groups of friends. Connect your iPhones to the app and gather your friends.

Smule Sing is available for free! Download Smule Sing for free!

Jeopardy! PlayShow

This title brings the legendary gameshow to your living room. Download the PlayShow app on your phone, connect it to Apple TV, and then you can play 30 years of Jeopardy.

Play Jeopardy for Free! PlayShow


Apple TV has brought one of our favourite PC games to Apple TV, and we are thrilled. This RPG will throw you into an amazing sci-fi universe that you’ll need to navigate. You must unravel its mysteries and beat robotic enemies. You’ll know what to expect if you played Supergiant Games first smash hit Bastion.

Download Transistor

SketchParty TV

SketchParty TV is a long-time Apple TV AirPlay favorite: start it on your iPhone, AirPlay to your TV, and you’re ready to go. There’s a native iOS app that makes the process even easier. Invite a bunch of friends to their iPhones and have them race each other to see who is the fastest at drawing whatever appears on screen.

Download SketchPartyTV

Apple Arcade

Apple TV is compatible with Apple Arcade, the subscription gaming package that Apple offers. It works on iPhones, iPads, Macs and Apple TV. More than 180 games are available in the Apple TV library. They cover all genres and are updated regularly.

Apple Arcade for $4.99 per month

Apple TV apps: Smart home



Download the Nest app to check out what is happening if you have any Nest cams. If you have a Nest Aware membership, you can also view past footage.



You may want to check your internet speed if your streaming is buffering, or if your app downloads are taking longer than normal. Download Speedtest to see how well your Apple TV and home network are working together.

Free, Download Speedtest


Arlo’s cameras are compatible with HomeKit, so you can use the Apple TV App to get a real-time view of the Arlo camera.

Free, Download Arlo

HomeCam for HomeKit

HomeCam allows you to view all of your HomeKit compatible cameras on Apple TV, so you can see the finer details on each frame without having to look at your iPhone’s small screen. The app can also be used to control other HomeKit devices.

Download HomeCam for HomeKit

How to add, delete and install Apple TV apps

Installing apps on your Apple TV is the first step. Apple TV will become more useful, not just because you’ll have some streaming options.

It keeps track of everything you watch on most services, except Netflix. You can open the app and it will know that you are watching Game of Thrones season 4, episode 3. It will also open certain movies and shows for you if it knows which app they are in.


You can install apps by going to the App Store. You’ll see a collection of apps categorized by type. This includes sports streaming, games, and many more. Also, you’ll see the top-rated apps for both free and paid. This is a great place to start. If you know exactly what you’re looking for, you can also use the search button to type in the app.

The Home Screen is divided into two sections. You can organize your favorite apps in the dock at the top of this line. Your apps are listed below, just like on an iPhone.


You can move apps by following these steps:

1) Choose an app, and then press and hold down the Select button of the Apple TV remote. The entire screen will begin to jiggle.
You can move the cursor by swiping up, down, or left and right.
If you want to add it to your favorites, move it to the first row.
4) Press the select button again on the remote to lock the position.

You can create folders to make managing your files a bit easier. How to do it.

Apple TV Remote: Select an application and press the Select button while holding the button.
Swipe the app you want to select over another.
3) Keep it held until the folder appears.
Click Select to create the new folder.

How to delete Apple TV apps


You may have stopped using an app for a long time, or unsubscribed from Netflix because of the high monthly charges. You can delete an app permanently.

1) Choose an app and press the touchpad for a few seconds until it starts to jiggle.
Click the Play/Pause Button.
Select and delete.

You should be aware that when you delete an application, all data related to it will also be deleted. If you’ve saved progress in a video game, or logged-in details, they are all gone. You’ll need to enter the information again if you decide to reinstall an app.

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