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How to stream your Nest Camera to a Google Chromecast

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How to stream Nest Cam to Chromecast

Nest has been a part of Google’s hardware division for a few years now. The first product of this collaboration was the ability to watch your Nest smart security camera via chromecast and with a little help from Google Assistant.

After everything has been configured, you can simply speak or type a command to view live video on your television (or any other Chromecast-ready devices, such as a Home Hub).

It’s also easy to switch between different cameras, making it a convenient way to check on your home from your couch or bed. The feed is the same as what appears in the Nest App, but on a larger display.

It’s also possible with the latest Nest cams. A software update released last year activated this feature.

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Assuming you already have your Nest cameras and Chromecasts installed around your home, we’ll proceed. Install the Google Home and Nest apps for Android and iOS. Follow the quick start guides that come with each.

Here’s how to connect them once they are running.

Google Assistant can help you connect your Nest camera to Google Assistant

How to stream your Nest camera to a Google Chromecast

You can send your Nest feed to your Chromecast if you have a device running the Google Assistant. It doesn’t need to be your Nest Mini or Nest audio .

You could even use the AndroidTV that has built-in Chromecast. The setup is the same for all of these permutations.

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Make sure that your Google Assistant device and camera are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Then, all we have to do is make sure that everything is in sync.

1) Press +.
2) Click Set up device.
Click Configure new devices.
Tap on the home that you are using.
5) Select the device that you want to pair.
Click Done.

If you haven’t linked your Chromecast and TV yet, you will need to do it. Open the Nest app, click on the cog in the upper right corner, and select Google Assistant. You’ll then need to connect Google Assistant.

Cast video from your TV

How to stream your Nest camera to a Google Chromecast

There are two ways to stream your content once you’re ready. Your cameras and Chromecasts are all named differently. It’s not a problem if you only have one device, but if your home is larger and you have multiple devices you will need to remember the names.

You can start with “Hey Google”, “Ok Google”, and then say “Show [camera]”, “what is on [camera]” or even “[camera] on [Chromecast]”. Don’t worry if it doesn’t sound natural. You can add “play” or even “show” to the end.

To change the name and location of a Nest Camera, open the Nest App, tap on the camera feed and then the cog icon at the top-right. You can also change it by clicking the Where buttons. Chromecasts can be changed by going into the Google Home App, tapping the cog icon next to the Chromecast’s name. Then, select Settings, followed by Name.

If you are tired of the security feed say “stop (Chromecast name)”. Chromecast will return to its usual wallpaper rotation until you tell it to do something else.

Troubleshooting problems

How to stream your Nest camera to a Google Chromecast

Hope everything works the first time. When something goes wrong, it is usually the simplest issues that are to blame. Maybe one of your devices does not have a strong WiFi connection or has gone into standby.

Double-check your Nest camera’s connection to Google Assistant. Make sure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi. You can then ask two questions: Does the Chromecast work correctly? You can beam content to it from other apps. You may need to reconfigure the dongle first if you are unable to beam content.

Reinstalling Nest and Google Home can also help fix flaky connections. It resets them to their default settings, and theoretically removes any corrupted settings or data that may have crept in when you were using your Nest camera.

It may be helpful to reboot your phone and router, as well as reset your Chromecast, Nest camera and Chromecast. This can take some effort, so you should only do this if it is your last resort. This will require you to set up all of your devices from scratch, in order to restore the connection and ensure that they can all see each other.

This functionality is a bit basic right now – you’re only able to bring up the Nest Camera on the big screen. But as Google continues to promote Google Assistant as the future for everything, we expect it to add even more features.

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