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How to reboot or reset your Sonos speaker

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How to reset your Sonos speakers

Even though Sonos multi-room speakers are some of the most advanced in the industry, you may still need to reset the system periodically.

Like anything else, Sonos can have a few minor issues. You may need to reset the system.

You can reset any Sonos speaker or device, including the Sonos One and Sonos Arc. You may need to perform a factory reset in some cases.

You’ll find all the methods you need below. Just remember that it will depend on what Sonos speaker model you are trying to restart.

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How to soft reset a Sonos Speaker

Here, the classic off-on technique is your best friend. Sort of. You need to:

1. Disconnect the power cord at the back of the outlet, or from the Sonos speaker.
2. After 10 seconds, the speaker will shut off.
3. Plug back in.
4. Allow the speaker to power up again for a few seconds.

This method will fix a number of issues. If it doesn’t work, you’ll need to do a factory reset.


How to hard reset a Sonos Speaker

You’ll have to take more drastic steps if the problem persists or if you want to wipe out your Sonos speakers so that you can register them to another account. This process varies depending on which speaker you have.

To play Play:1, Play Play 3, Play Play 5 (gen-1), Connect Connect:Amp, Playbar and Connect, enter the following code:

1. Disconnect the Sonos speaker.
2. Press the Play/Pause Button while plugging in the speaker.
3. Do not remove your finger from the button. After a few moments, the light will flash amber and then white.
4. The light will flash green once the reset has been completed.

To use the Sonos One, Five, Arc, Play:5 (gen-2), Beam, Bridge, Sub or Playbase on the first and second generations, follow these instructions:

1. Disconnect the Sonos speaker.
2. Press the Connect button and plug the speaker into the outlet.
3. Hold the Connect button for a few seconds – it will begin to flash amber and then white.
4. The speaker will reset when the green light flashes.

How to reset a Sonos:

Remove the charger base.
2. Press the power button for at least 5 seconds.
3. Click the Connect button, and then place the speaker on the base.
4. Continue to hold the Connect button, and it will begin flashing white and amber.
5. After the Move resets, the LED will flash in green.

To reset a Sonos Roam or Roam SL:

1. Hold down the power button for 5 seconds to turn it off.
2. Look to see if you hear a chime, and if your LED turns off.
3. Then, press the power button while holding down the Play/Pause buttons.
4. Hold the Play/Pause Button until the LED blinks orange and White.
5. The LED will blink green once the Roam reset has been completed.

How do I reset the Sonos Era100 or Era300

1. Unplug The Era
2. Hold the Bluetooth button while plugging it back in.
3. Hold the Bluetooth button down until you see the orange and white light flashing.
4. When it is ready, the green light will appear.


How to reset Sonos Controller App

Here’s how to reset your Sonos Controller app to connect to a new Sonos system.

1. Launch the Sonos App.
2. Click the settings cog at the bottom of the bar.
3. Tap ‘App Preferences’.
4. Tap ‘Reset App’.
5. Use the pop-up to confirm that you wish to reset.

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