May 26, 2024


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Listen to music for free on your Amazon Echo speaker

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You can enjoy free music if you own an Amazon Echo or other smart speaker that has Alexa.

A music subscription is now seen as a life tax. It’s on par with fuel, bills, and Netflix. Alexa-enabled gadgets can now listen to music for free thanks to Spotify’s new restrictions and a new service supported by ads from Amazon.

Speakers like the Amazon Echo Show and the Amazon Echo Studio also deliver high-quality audio.

This guide will show you how to listen to music for free on your Alexa speaker. There are some restrictions.

Here are the steps to follow and the streaming platforms that you can use.

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Enjoy Spotify for Free

Use Spotify Free on alexa

Spotify Free users can now use Alexa to play music. Previously, Spotify Alexa was only available to those who paid for the platform. However, there are some limitations.

The only way to choose music is from a playlist. You cannot just choose any music at random.

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You can create your own playlists or choose from Discover Weekly which is personalized to your taste. Spotify has curated playlists as well.

Spotify Free users will be able to play their favorite songs on a wider range of smart speakers. This includes not only Amazon Echo speakers but also Sonos speakers such as the One, Beam, and Bose speakers.

Amazon Music is free to try

Try Amazon Music for free

There was no music provision built-in to the Echo or Alexa before, and Prime Music could only be accessed by Amazon Prime subscribers.

Amazon offers a free version of its music-streaming service, which is ad supported and available on any Alexa enabled device.

Amazon Music Free is a new service that allows users to access a wide range of popular playlists and radio stations without any charge. Previously, it was available only to Prime members.

There’s a limit, as there is no subscription. It’s similar to Prime’s two million free tracks, or the HD or Dolby atmos spatial audio tracks. Music Unlimited is a subscription service that allows you to access more than 100 millions songs.

Alexa can play music by artist, song, genre, or era. Just say “Alexa, Play the [artist/song/etc.] station.” station.”

You can also choose from a variety of preset playlists such as Fuego Latino or Country Heat.

You can also try out an Amazon Music Limited fully-paid subscription. You can sign up for a 30 day Amazon Music Unlimited trial. This is revocable at any time. This is a great opportunity to test before you buy.

TuneIn offers free radio.

You can still listen to the radio if you don’t want to use the free Amazon Music tier.

Alexa does not have the option to access YouTube, even though Google has it. Unless, of course you are trying to view YouTube on an Echo Show. There is the TuneIn Radio skill that will allow you to listen to any radio station at your convenience.

Start by saying “Alexa, [radio station]”. If it doesn’t, say “Alexa enable TuneIn skills” if necessary.

Amazon Echo speaker

Use Bluetooth with Echo Speaker

Amazon Echo devices can be connected to your Bluetooth devices as speakers. You can use your Amazon Echo to play any type of music, provided you first pair them.

You can pair your device with Alexa at any time.



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