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How to setup your Apple HomePod as a Dolby-Atmos TV speaker

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Use Apple HomePod for Dolby Atmos TV speaker

Apple’s HomePod speakers are known for their incredible sound quality. They can be used to watch TV or movies, as well as listen to music.

A firmware update from last year brought Dolby atmos to Apple TV/HomePod.

Apple announced that the HomePod Mini would also be able to create a virtual surround sound experience with Apple 4K. Virtual 5.1, 7.1, and Dolby atmos are all available.

HomePod can only be used to watch shows and movies on your Apple TV4K. You cannot plug it directly into your TV for Atmos sound.

Apple TV supports all major streaming services, including Netflix, Prime and HBO. It also includes Disney+, Hulu, Disney+ Plus, Hulu, Disney+ and many more.

The Mini only has two beamforming tweeters.

Mini owners are not left out. If you have a third generation Apple TV, or a later model, you can use any HomePod as a TV speaker via AirPlay.

Have two HomePods to spare? You can pair up your HomePods for stereo magic with both Atmos and non Atmos setups.

How to:

How to pair HomePod with your Apple TV

How to pair HomePod and Apple TV

First, make sure that both the HomePod and Apple TV are on the same WiFi network. AirPlay, Apple’s wireless protocol is what we will be using to connect them.

AirPlay can be turned on by going to Settings, and then tapping on it. You can enable AirPlay (if you haven’t already) and configure network access rules.

You’ll want to make sure that the HomePod is in the same room as the Apple TV you plan to use it with. If you intend to use two HomePods you will need to create a HomePod stereo pairing within the Home app.

We want to connect the HomePod now.

You’ll get a pop-up on the Apple TV screen asking you if you’d like to “Use HomePod TV Speakers?” 

To turn on the home cinema audio, select Use As TV Speakers.

You can manually configure Apple Smart Speakers for TV use if you don’t see the popup or you are using Minis.

  1. Go to Settings on the Apple TV and then Audio and Video.
  2. Scroll down and find Output Audio.
  3. Audio output should show you a list of AirPlay speakers in the network. Here, the HomePod should appear. It should connect within a few seconds after you select it.

AirPlay 2 is now available beyond Apple’s walls. You can pair speakers with the Apple TV, including the HomePod. Here is a list of the best AirPlay speakers.

There is a faster method…

You can bring up the Audio menu on the Apple TV by holding the Play/Pause button while looking at the Home screen.

It’s not possible to change other audio settings but you can quickly pair or unpair the speaker.

apple tv speaker homepod

Apple TV HomePod installation: Important considerations

There are a few things you should consider. Have you already spent your college fund on a TV Hi-Fi?

If you have a favorite, don’t change it. HomePod is an excellent speaker, but not for TV use. It’s not going to be able to compete with a dedicated TV speakers with Dolby Atmos such as the Sonos Arc, even with Atmos-boost.

If you are currently using the built-in speakers on your TV, the HomePod or HomePod Mini will likely perform better.

This is especially true if your home or apartment has less room for a larger sound system. We recommend pairing them up if you keep your HomePod near your TV and have an Apple TV.

How to use your Apple HomePod for a Dolby Atmos TV speaker setup

Apple TV 4K: New features and options

Apple TV 2021, the latest generation of Apple TV box in 4K resolution, can stream your TV audio to your HomePod even when your Apple TV is not being used.

Apple’s official support guide states: “With HDMI-ARC or eARC enabled, your Apple TV (4K) (2nd generation can receive high quality audio from a TV that supports it and then play this audio through your HomePod speaker.”

Here’s how…

  • Apple TV will use your HomePod speakers as default speakers.
  • Go to SettingsVideo and Audio, Default audio output.
  • Select HomePod.
  • Choose Play television audio under Audio Retain Channel (Beta).
  • Check that ARC (or eARC) is on.


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